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Kaunas Nursery and Preschool „Drevinukas“

Municipal Budgetary Institution

Address R. Kalantos g. 116, LT-52347 Kaunas

Tel. (8 37) 45 40 63 | Tel./Fax. (8 37) 40 76 64

E-mail drevinukas1@gmal.com

The municipal institution was established on 16th September 1969.

„Drevinukas“ Nursery and Preschool aims to provide quality care and education within an inclusive environment, delivering a broad and balanced curriculum that responds to child’s individual needs.


Head of Kaunas Nursery and Preschool „Drevinukas“ Birute Kriščiukaitiene (since 1st February 1984).

Kaunas Nursery and Preschool „Drevinukas“ („Drevinukas“ Nursery hereafter) is a legal entity and a non-profit Kaunas City municipal budgetary institution for 18-month to six-year old children.

„Drevinukas“ Nursery comprises of ten classes:

  • Two consist of 18-month to three-year olds, where day-care is provided for 10.5 hours.
  • Six consist of 3-6 year olds, where day-care is provided for 10.5 hours in five classes and 12 hours in one class.
  • The remaining two preschool classes consist of 6 (up to ages of 7) year olds, where one class provides day-care for 10.5 hours and the other for 12 hours.

„Drevinukas“ Nursery also supports children with special educational needs, including children with learning differences and disabilities. Educational assistance is provided by:

  • Speech therapist,
  • Special educator,
  • Psychologist,
  • Social educator.

Education is organized as follows:

  • The early years curriculum, for 18-months up to six-year olds, is based on „Vaikystes takeliu“ programme by incorporating a facilitative emotional intelligence programme „Kimochis“.
  • The preschool curriculum, for six-year olds (up to ages of 7), is based on a general preschool educational programme incorporating an international early facilitative programme „Zipio draugai“.

Other important information

Since October 2018, „Drevinukas“ Nursery leases its sports hall facilities to the public institutions: „Nacionalinė krepšinio akademija“ to accommodate a local basketball team and „Ican“, who operate English language courses and educational training.

„Drevinukas“ Nursery employs 25 qualified teachers who specialise in the following areas:

1 – expert speech therapist, 1 – speech therapist special educator, 1 – psychologist, 1 – non-formal education teacher methodologist (physical education), 2 – arts teachers of which 1 is a senior music teacher, 3 – preschool teachers of which 1 is education methodologist, 9 – senior nursery teachers, 2 – junior nursery teachers. The overall teaching qualification coefficient is 5.41. 14 of teachers (56%) hold a university degree. 24 of the 25 teachers hold a pedagogical and subject qualification, with the remaining teacher studying in the faculty of pedagogy at Vilniaus Kolegija.

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